– Common Steps to Setup a Home Network - Common Steps to Setup a Home Network192.168.1.1

Choose a proper location to place your router

Choose a convenient location to install your router. The place should have enough space. You can place it on the floor space or a table. Do not cover the router with other stuff since it may get the router to overheat. If your router is a wireless one, make sure that it is placed at the center of your house and try to reduce the walls that the signal needs to penetrate.

Start your router

Plugin the electrical power, and press the start button if it has one.

Connect your router to the internet

Plug cable from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to the WAN jack of the router. If you are connecting via a modem, make sure the modem is connected between the ISP and the WAN jack, and start the modem.

Connect a computer to the router

Connect the computer to one of the LAN jacks.

Configure your computer’s adapter settings

    • Open Network and Sharing Center and click Change adapter settings

Double click the connection you want to configure

  • Double click Internet Protocol Version 4 TCP/IPv4)
  • Set IP address to (Note, your router may have different default settings if it doesn’t work, also try with
  • Subnet mask to
  • Set Default Gateway to (or
  • Click OK

Test your configuration with the Ping command

  • Open up the command line window by launching cmd.exe from the start menu.
  • Run command Ping and you should get something like

Configure router via the administration website

Connect to with your web browser. Fill in the user name and password. You should find them printed on a label attached to the router.

admin, admin


root, root


WAN settings

Fill in a user name and password your ISP issued to you

LAN settings

Enable DHCP server

Wireless settings

Specify the security mechanisms

Change your computer’s IP settings to Obtain an IP address automatically

Congratulations! You are ready to surf the internet!